Who we are «

An integrated print & web design and development agency in Reading, UK.

We’re a small core team, and a co-operative network of professionals:


Barney Carroll

Barney has been making websites from the ground up for 8 years. In that time he’s worked with agencies, in-house, and as a freelancer.
He specialises in user interface design, branding and front-end development


Anne-Marie Carroll

Anne-Marie’s expertise is in visual æsthetics, photography & conceptual design.
She’s also a graphic artist strongly involved with local groups, and an expert on colour theory and
print process.

…and our key collaborators:


Michel Carroll

Michel has been designing & developing information systems for years, and built ajax web applications before ‘ajax’ or
‘web applications’ had names.
He works for as a consultant.


David Miller

David really likes Python, Ruby on Rails, and all those other modern programming languages. He’s also a big fan of open-source software, and in his spare time he builds web applications.
He works for as a web developer.